About us

Tolula Handmade was born in 2015 by chance, on a September afternoon talking with a good friend about headdresses, crowns and other accessories. What started with a Hobby making designs for my closest environment has become my daily work and passion. I did Art and Photography restoration studies, although my vocation has led me to make personalized and unique designs with natural flowers, preserved flowers and of all kinds of materials, colors and shapes. I love what I do and try to capture it in each design.

In January 2019 Paula was incorporated, being today a key piece of our DNA, providing added value with its designs and custom lettering works.
"Your satisfaction our reward."
With this maxim we work every day to develop your unique and personalized piece, that's why we like to meet you, that you participate in the process and the final result. We have a wide range of products at very competitive prices and without giving up the highest quality. We will love to show you all the possibilities without any commitment.
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Tolula Team

Chris Jensen

Position:  Floral Desinger and decorator.

Information: Formed in restoration of Art and Photography, although his vocation is custom designs with all kinds of materials, colors and shapes. 
Passionate and demanding of her work, she puts your soul in each design.

Paula López

Position:  Design and Lettering Expert.

Information: Formed in lettering and its different varieties. Manage, organize and take care of pampering our bride to meet their expectations, she is the perfect balance between closeness and professionalism.